PLODding Along: Explained

A few of you followed along during the PLOD experiment of this past winter’s darker months, wherein I tracked my Perceived Likelihood of Death through ten straight days of three or more hours of training per day. The study was billed not as a way to see if I could make it through ten days of relatively low intensity exercise, but rather how grim that experiment made me feel about my prospects of survival of a future trip, which at the time was laid out ambiguously as something with skis, bikes, and rigor.

Today, I’m pleased to unveil the itinerary and to report that the PLOD Index is registering all time highs. For a couple of weeks in May, Tom Robertson, Mike Wolfe, Phil Grove, and I will embark on a bicycle tour from Portland to Bend, by way of iconic ski lines on the half dozen volcanoes that form central Oregon’s spine. Here’s a map:


My head is swimming in a frothy cocktail of trip logistics, apprehension, and excitement, and I hope that you’ll keep tabs on the trip as we try to keep updates current on Instagram and right here on this blog. So fire up the phone and follow @thegentlemanatlarge, @thrphoto, @wolfepaw, and @puglife83, and keep an eye out for #bike2skiOregon over the next few weeks. Of course if you’re local and want to do some skiing or you have a line on a good taco bus, we’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “PLODding Along: Explained

  1. Hi Ben! Alex Lussier here. Your planned route is part of a bike tour I did last August/September. I brought running shoes, not skis, and it was too late in the season to climb Hood, but I made it up Three Fingered Jack (and Mt Adams and Early Winter Spire in WA). Drop me a line if you would like to chat about roads, resupply spots, or anything else. Sounds like a great adventure.


    1. Hey Alex!
      Good to hear from you. I think I saw some photos from that tour you did; it looked sweet. I think we’re going to try to cut from Gov’t. Camp south to 46 and Detroit Reservoir area. It looks like kind of a maze through dirt roads and clear cuts. Know any good taco spots around there?


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