Bike 2 Ski Oregon — A Bikepacking and Ski Mountaineering Adventure

Just put another first half trip report up over at Dirtbag Dreams. Check ‘er out, and keep your eyes tuned for more updates!

Dirtbag Dreams



Ben Horan is a freelance writer and sometimes-guide based in Missoula, Montana, and blogs at Tom Robertson is a photographer out of Missoula, whose work has appeared in a variety of national and international publications, and is currently surfing from bike tour to bike tour around the Americas. Ben, Tom, and two buddies are riding bikes from Portland to Bend, OR, with trailers full of ski gear, in an attempt to ski as many volcanoes as possible in two weeks entirely under human power. You can keep tabs on those guys on Instagram following #bike2skiOregon.

“It doesn’t rain in Oregon. Not in the spring, anyway.” I kept hoping that maybe if I repeated that to myself enough times the pattering on the tent fly would stop. That I would crawl out at dawn to hot coffee and dry shoes and one of those star-pierced blue-gray skies that heralded…

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